Intimacy After Mastectomy

The key is self-confidence: Once you find that, perhaps with new lingerie, you can be intimate again with ease

There’s nothing like lingerie to make you feel feminine, and returning to intimacy after a mastectomy can help bring some normality back into your life (thoughit isn’t always easy. Just because you’ve had breast surgery doesn’t mean you have to compromise in the intimate apparel department. Lingerie for the post-mastectomy woman has come a long way and there are more options available today than ever before.


Bras, camisoles and sleepwear today are feminine, not just functional. You’ll find beautiful fabrics, laces, colors and flattering styles. This ensures that everything, from working out to intimacy after mastectomy can be just as fun and varied as before.


The bras come in different styles such as sports bras, seamless, soft cup (wire-free), underwire, traditional, fashion and extra support. There are even garments for immediate post-surgery to make you feel as comfortable as possible at that sensitive time. Then, when you are ready for intimacy after mastectomy you can feel pretty and sexy with post-mastectomy lingerie.


Getting the Right Lingerie for Intimacy after a Mastectomy

Lingerie for the post-mastectomy woman has come a long way. Since there are more options available today than ever before after mastectomy, intimacy doesn’t have to be left in your past.


If you feel self-conscious in your new lingerie at first, try a little “mirror therapy.” Find a full-length mirror in a private area of your home and put on your new intimate apparel.


Study yourself in the mirror and pick three things you really like about yourself. Concentrate on the parts that please you. Always focus on the positive as this will make intimacy after a mastectomy more of a possibility for you.


When you’re ready for intimacy, share your new lingerie with your partner. It’s perfectly natural if you want to wear your lingerie to bed, perhaps even during sexual encounters. You may find it gives you renewed confidence.


Beneath undergarments, a reconstructed breast or a good prosthesis looks and feels very much like the real thing. It has the response, the weight and the natural appearance of a breast.


A certified mastectomy fitter can help you with your choice of apparel for intimacy after a mastectomy, but you can start by exploring online. You can “shop” in the privacy of your own home and find out answers to many of your questions without feeling self-conscious or embarrassed.


Study bra fitting guides, check out accessories, lumpectomy solutions, swimwear and more. When you are ready to purchase your lingerie, it is important to be fitted by a certified mastectomy fitter to make sure you get the best possible fit with your bras and breast forms. All of these items will help your body confidence as you move towards enjoying intimacy after your mastectomy.