Welcome to our Digital Library of Stories From Breast Cancer Survivors


Our collection of stories from breast cancer survivors exists for one reason: To help women regain a full measure of confidence after breast cancer.  

We know from experience that one of the best ways to do that is to hear and share stories from other breast cancer survivors. Stories that speak to their feelings, affirm that their worries are normal, and inspire their hopes. And so, we are continuing to capture stories from breast cancer survivors in this place on the web.  


Why Amoena? Why these breast cancer stories?

We have long believed that Amoena, as a company, a manufacturer, and an educator, should be a place where women can find the support they need to feel good about not only their health, but also their fashion sense and overall life. And so our website should be, too — a place where women can read about others who’ve been through what they’re going through. Because through uplifting stories from breast cancer survivors, they can envision their own return to good health. Recovery seems a little more attainable if you’ve come to know other women who have fully recovered.  

In the pages here, you’ll meet women who:  



….and many more. Each story is unique, and each is worth telling.  


From breast cancer survivors, stories of hope

One breast cancer surgeon told us, “We women are very good at supporting each other — we just need the right environment to do it in.” Local breast cancer support groups and breast care centers can provide a physical space, but sometimes it’s difficult to find them or you live far away. For our part, we are happy to provide a virtual environment for stories from breast cancer survivors that is open 24/7, and only a click away. We like to think it’s a digital library of hope that anyone with a computer and a wi-fi connection can access.  


All of our stories from breast cancer survivors are gathered here at The Day I Was Told.